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Personal Trainer Perth

Personal Training (1-2 people)

My personal training sessions are designed specifically for each individual client, whether you are looking to lose weight, tone up, get stronger, improve posture, gain muscle or just feel better in yourself again then I am here to help you. I design all my sessions based on the individuals needs and capabilities.

Group Personal Training Perth


Small Group PT up to 4 people maximum. I have Female, Male or Mixed PT Groups so you can exercise in comfort and everyone in your group has the same goals as you. I keep the numbers low so I can focus on correct technique throughout the whole session so you get the most out of every exercise you preform. That’s how you get the results you want.

Mother & Child Fitness Classes Perth

Mums and Bubs Classes

My Mums and Bubs classes are a great way for mums to get back into exercise after pregnancy. Bring your kids along to our class where they can play while you do your workout. Not only is the class good for weight loss but also strengthening pelvic floor and core muscles which is very important after pregnancy. (8 Mums Max)

Group Circuit Classes Perth

female fat loss and
strength group sessions

My Female Fat Loss and Strength Group Sessions are a great way to lose weight, burn fat and calories while building strong lean muscle. Learn correct technique and form on every exercise we preform while training in a fun and positive atmosphere. Also, Body Scan Check in at start and end of 6-week program. (8 Females Max) 

Group Personal Training Perth

male strength and conditioning group sessions

My Male Strength and Conditioning Group Sessions are a great way to burn fat and calories while building strength and toning muscles. Learn correct technique and form on every exercise we preform while training in a fun and positive atmosphere. (8 Males Max)

Corporate Fitness Classes Perth


My corporate fitness programs are an inexpensive way to reduce stress in the workplace, increase morale and camaraderie, improve teamwork and internal communication. It is also great for improving health and fitness of your employees while having some fun.

Sports Team Personal Trainer Perth


My sports team or large group programs are a great way to build morale and camaraderie in your team or group while improving fitness, strength, endurance, stamina and coordination. It is also great for pre-season to add some variety into your training before the season starts..

Nutritional Therapist Perth

nutritional therapist

I am also a qualified nutritional therapist so if you are looking for elite nutritional coaching and advice to suit your busy lifestyle and help you achieve results then I can help.


About Me

Originally from Ireland I moved to Australia 15 years ago and that’s when my passion for health and fitness began. I started up my own personal training business in Perth in 2009 so I could motivate and help my clients achieve their personal goals and change their lives. I moved to London in 2013 to work as a senior personal trainer for a very prestigious company Louise Parker Ltd. I then started my own company in London, Eric Meade Health and Fitness where I trained clients from all over the world including VIPs. I learned so much and gained a huge amount of experience working with the best personal trainers and nutritionists in the UK. I moved back to Perth in 2018 to start my own little family here and bring with me all the knowledge and expertise I have in health and fitness. As a qualified Nutritional Therapist, I can help you by combining good nutrition and exercise to create a healthy lifestyle and achieve your goals. I am also a qualified level two Wellness Coach and that is why I believe in order for us to achieve our goals we must have the correct mindset by creating lifestyle habits to achieve and maintain sustainable results. If you’d like to see what my clients think then check out my over 50 5 Star Reviews on Google.


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